How Ai is learning human behavior?

The only possible reason for you to not know artificial intelligence should be that you were living under a rock. If you still don’t know what it is then let us explain it to you. AI is a technology that focuses on learning human behavior. It has the ability to differentiate between good and bad habits. But the question is how Ai is learning human behavior?

You might not know but artificial intelligence is already a huge part of our daily life. A lot of devices we use in our daily life work on the rules of artificial intelligence. It also plays a role in the management of the environment, development of vaccines, and administration of offices. If it is making you scared then calm down because AI is not close to a world takeover and there is a long way to go that humans still have to explore.

Artificial Intelligence and its Types

There are four major types of AI and most of the research revolves around these.

  • Machines

All of these types deal with different sections of human behaviors. Not all of them can be explored right now as some of them deal with complex human behaviors.

AI Learning Human Behaviors

It has been a common concept that human behaviors can not be predicted. For example, nobody can tell what your mood will be at dinner and what you would like to eat. AI works on it for you. You must have noticed your food apps give you food suggestions and they are mostly accurate. How are they doing it? That is where they are taking the help of AI. You order food from one website multiple times and every time your data gets stored. So if you order pizza twice on a weekend in the third week it will know that you want a pizza. This is basic human behavior learning.

Now this way can either be very accurate or can be extremely disastrous. It can not show good results if it only keeps working on you. To learn and understand, artificial intelligence is collecting data from millions of humans to understand how their brains work. This data of millions of people help it understand how different humans can behave differently in the same situation.

This is helping AI in learning human behavior and how they work in different circumstances. As it has the ability to tell the difference between good and bad, it can make a choice. This human behavior will be very useful in the future and there are so many tasks scientists are expecting artificial intelligence to take over. The data is in the safe hands to be analyzed and replicated in machines.

There is always a need for nurses in the field of medicine, the number is never enough. There is special research that is commented on the use of AI for medical needs. That would help the world solve the problem of the shortage of medical caregivers. The system can perform under humans. It also means that you will be able to hire a robot house help. AI-based robots are being developed to cater to the needs of the elderly.

AI Machine Development

The research is going on and there are still errors that need to look after before the system can be launched. Right now research is going on by which AI will be able to compose music like humans. But they are facing so many setbacks. With trial and error, they will get to their ultimate. Technology also learns like humans and keeps getting better. AI is at its all-time high success rate and expected to be an official part of our lives in one decade.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

AI has an immense ability to alleviate our living standards. The speed of work can go up to double. Here are a few tasks that AI would be able to do to free up humans.

  • There are repetitive jobs that AI can easily perform.

With all these jobs done by artificial intelligence, humans will get so much time to explore other areas. Creative jobs can be done properly when mechanical jobs are well taken care of by AI. If diagnostics get better with the help of AI then we can make millions of dollars that go into unnecessary medical procedures.

Once artificial intelligence learns to replicate us, it can perform a better job at traffic control too. It is expected that the number of accidents will also go down.

In the dealing of crime, artificial intelligence will play its role. There would be an extreme level of progress in facial recognition. Artificial intelligence is expected to create billions of new job vacancies too.

Drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence

Everything that has benefits comes with its own set of drawbacks too and AI is no different. With artificial intelligence getting better at showing human behavior every day, it is expected to increase the workforce by double in the future and this is a very alarming citation. There is no doubt that AI can easily replace humans in multiple jobs. So it would be bad news for the human workforce because a lot of jobs will straight go to AI.

As we have discussed, AI is data-driven. It collects human data and learns its patterns to replicate human behavior. In the process of human data collection, somewhere the privacy is getting compromised. We agree to share our data almost every day on multiple platforms. That is the price we will be paying for machine convenience. One bigger drawback can be if it goes into the hands of people who want to abuse the power with the help of artificial intelligence. So the question is while machines have the power to become more intelligent than humans. Well so far it seems unlikely but there is always a chance of misuse of technology.

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